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Electronic Sign in System Is a Great Way to Track Employee Timings

In today’s competitive environment, it is important for organizations to keep an eye on their employees. When an organization tries to track their employees, it can help employers to learn if their employees are productive enough or not. Moreover, tracking employees can easily help businesses to address serious issues of information theft or leak. One best way to keep a tab of the employees is to take the help of electronic sign in system.


Electronic Sign in Software

Tracking employees is necessary in order to find out which employees are productive within a team. It can also help employers to understand which employees are punctual to work and who are not.

Gone are the days of using age-old log book where any visitor or employee could misinterpret the data. For example, an employee could easily insert wrong time of entry. However, with the help of digital system, any employee won’t be able to put any wrong information into it. Moreover, the digital sign in system scans the entry pass of the employee and enters the time digitally. Well, in order to understand how the system works, one needs to have a proper idea about the electronic sign in software.

electronic sign in system

What the Sign in Software is all about?

Basically, the electronic sign in system is a kind of software that needs to be installed or integrated with the security system of the building. Employees need to register their identity by scanning their business card or driving license. Once the data gets saved into the system it generates an ID card.

The ID card would provide entry access to the employees. The card needs to be used by the employee while entering and leaving a premise. Thereby, the employees’ arrival and departure time gets automatically registered.

The card would ensure that employees don’t try to enter any restricted area. Moreover, with the help of the system, employers can easily track the whereabouts of the employees. For example, employers by logging into the system can easily check if an employee is wasting valuable time or not. This means if an employee spends most of their time in the cafeteria or loiters in the hallway, then management can take necessary action.

In short, it can be said that electronic sign in system can act as a robust time-tracking system, with whose help tracking the amount of work hour of an employee can be made easy.

Employers can install this kind of check in software all throughout the work locations. As it can work from remote locations, timing and attendance of employees remain accurate. The best thing about electronic sign in system is that the information available to employees is on real time basis. Hence, the timings and work tenure remains accurate.


The benefit of using this electronic system is:

  • Helps to avoid attendance or work hour frauds.
  • Improve productivity of employees.


Tools like electronic sign in system may be a new thing, but it can help employers to monitor the activity of the employees perfectly. It can help employers to learn about the various activities conducted by the employees in between their work.

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Visitor Management System

Residential Buildings Can Benefit From Visitor Sign-Up Software

Visitor sign-in software has become an indispensable tool for any organizations in order to enhance the security of their assets or for ensuring the safety of their staffs. The increasing amount of threat and violence that are taking all over the world is shaking up the society. Starting from educational institutions to health institutions, commercial buildings to residential buildings are taking up the issue of security seriously. Thus, they are installing visitor signing up software system.

This visitor signing system not only manages the entry of visitors within the facility, but also monitors their activity or whereabouts from time to time. For example, it can easily track down the exact location of a guest at a particular point of time.

What is VMS?

VMS or Visitor Management System is web based software that scrutinizes and controls the entry of the visitors and guests who comes to the site or the building. It basically scans the driver’s license of the visitor, takes a picture of the visitor, and generates a badge with a time-limit. The badge is used while entering and exiting a premise.

visitor management system

Learn the Benefits

  • Improves Sites Safety and Security

With visitor signing up software installed at the entry point of residential building complex, safety and security of the place can be further enhanced. Any visitor before entering the building needs to go through this system. Until they are provided with an entry badge they can’t enter the premise. In fact, it can also help security officials to get alerts as soon as a visitor enters restricted zone.

  • Improved Visitor Service

Sometimes a visitor may get annoyed if they are required to wait for a long time before they are allowed entry to the building. Some VMS allows visitors to pre-register their names ahead of their visits. This can help their entry to get processed in a very little time.

  • Data Accuracy

The VMS scans the driver’s license in order in order to gain all the vital information of the visitor. The data gets stored in the database which can be used for future references and for providing quick access to the visitors as soon as their details match with database details.  The data obtained through the visitor signing up software can help in visitor auditing purpose.

  • Visitor Analysis

The information that gets stored in the database allows the security officials to search and restore any visitor data for a particular time period. Based on the report, security officials can create a watch out list for intruders and regular visitors. This can help to manage the visitors very easily in tines of emergencies.

  • Economical and Environment Friendly

If you love your Mother Nature, you won’t want to waste a paper for keeping a record of the visitors who are entering the building complex. Well, visitor signing up software is a far better option than the paper log-book for signing in and out visitors. Being electronic, not only it saves time but is also economical.

Residential buildings who are switching to visitor signing in software can have enhanced control over the visitors who comes into the building. This, in turn, can help them to keep off intruders from their building.

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